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Debt and Poverty
More than ever the American economy is riding on a growing mountain of debt.  Statistics prepared by the Federal Reserve show that consumer installment debt has multiplied more than thirty-one times since 1945.  Personal debts have reached a point where it takes approximately one dollar out of every four that consumers earn (after taxes) to keep up the payments.

A SPIRIT OF POVERTY touches every youth and young adult no matter the income level, who does not receive the TIME, ATTENTION, GUIDANCE, DIRECTION, and INFORMATION he or she needs and wants from parents and other caring adults, such as you, in order to make the right kind of decisions.  Many of these young people are LONELY, ISOLATED, and INSECURE resulting in damaging antisocial behavior. We have found that the lack of knowledge affects generations.

Many youth and families are suffering and failing in life, no matter the income levels, and youth homelessness is on the rise.  Due to the lack of basic life skills, the knowledge to properly plan and prepare, and the knowledge concerning financial matters, families are at risk!  Many of our youth today, either too busy and involved in activities (theirs and their parents), living unbalanced lives, unequipped with the needful skills to deal with life successfully because they have not taken the time with their children to impart these needful skills, expecting that they will be all right. The other side of the coin consists of those youth who have too much time to themselves, who are left to the television and electronic devicess, of which have become the entertainers and child sitters of our future generation of leaders; robbing them of their creativity and filling their lives and minds with unproductive activity.  Parents, not understanding that these youth are becoming increasingly challenged emotionally, physically, and spiritually and end up seeking out others for their comfort, encouragement, and support of which many of these people parents would not approve their children associating with, thus causing them to be susceptible to gang involvement, illicit sexual relationships, and unable to cope with life's issues. Many of which resort to destructive measures, in an effort to escape the pressure. This is not good!

Acts of Violence  & Juvenile Offenses
Over 32,000 Arizona youth committed suicide in 2008 and the most recent statistics have not been released.  What is the cause?  Theory: A lack of encouragement and positive adult care.   We have found that youth, no matter who they are, where they are raised or what their families financial or social status is; all youth who do not receive the time, care, and positive attention needed, become "at risk" youth.  Our youth just need loving, caring, positive, adult role models who are willing to spend time with them by imparting something positive into their lives that will help them in their future.  We recognize the "risks factors for youth problem behaviors, which are  characteristics of school, community, and family environments, as well as characteristics of students and their peer groups that are known to predict increased likelihood of drug use, delinquency, school dropout, teen pregnancy, and violent behavior among youth. Protective factors exert a positive influence or buffer against the negative influence of risk, thus reducing the likelihood that adolescents will engage in problem behaviors."(1)

In 2009, there were estimated 68,938 juvenile’s ages 8 to 18 years in Arizona who came in contact with the Juvenile Court System . Out of that 49,521; over 72% were from Maricopa County. In 2010, there were estimated 60,649 juvenile’s ages 8 to 18 years in Arizona who came in contact with the Juvenile Court System (2). Out of that 43, 795; still over 72% were from Maricopa County.  More than half of the whole state’s juvenile offenses were processed through Maricopa County. And these are only the ones that got caught! There is something that has to change!

Just as these statistics are alarming, it is a sign that we cannot wait until our children are teenagers to reach and impart these vital basic life skills.  It tells us that there is much more to be done, as newspaper article after newspaper article we see, the need to enforce a change in our communities.  These and all youth are "at risk" when they are not taught the social graces for successful living; positive attitudes and communication, positive social skills; self, time, and money management skills that will develop and prepare them for responsible independent living.  Our young people desperately need these skills in order to ensure their success at home, in school, and in the community.  

Experts have identified five contributing factors in teenage violence and waywardness: no positive support and direction [teaching and training] provided by caring parents, abusive home life, the prevalence of violence in the media, the availability of weapons, especially guns, poverty, and drugs. 

Victims of violence run up huge hospital and doctor bills.  One study estimates that it costs over fourteen thousand dollars to treat a single gunshot wound in one child (the same sum it takes to send one student to a top university for one year).

For this reason we partner with parents; providing  a positive learning experience by which equipping them with information, skills, and strategies that will help them to properly connect and reconnect them with their children and youth, by giving their youth what they need first emotionally, and grow success by sowing the seeds for success in their lives and that of their youth, thus providing families a hope and a future. 

Lack of Knowledge
This is a generation who has not been adequately prepared for successful living: an education that lacks basic life skills, planning and preparation for real living.  Many parents themselves were not taught the vital basic life skills and therefore their children are not receiving this important education and training.  The educational school system is unable to meet this and unequipped for this growing need.  They are doing what they can, but they are limited in what they can do and can say. 

Knowledge and understanding is what our young people and many families are lacking today.  Through these life skills enrichment programs we are providing youth and families "a hope and a future," through sound Biblical and Practical Principles.  Scriptures warned us of the reason for our demise.  This statement may be shocking for many because we have been conditioned and influenced by society to keep God out of everything; seeking to please self and man, so not to offend any, all the while offending God Who is the Key and holds the key to our life and blessings.  And it is for this reason our families, our schools, and our communities are experiencing and suffering under the curse of destruction and devastation.  We all have been given a choice.  And many don't even know that it is up to us personally whether or not we and our families are blessed, prosperous and successful [experiencing life to the full], or cursed   [experiencing death, devastation and destruction].  

The trends in our families have changed in the last 25 years, with the rise in company downsizing and lay-offs, consumer debt on the rise, single parent households having increased and dual household employment a necessity.  Many of our youth lack the opportunities or direction by which to acquire the needful skills, attitude, and habits that lead to success in school, productive employment, and strong stable families.  Many youth and young adults are wayward because they lack education, direction, the concern and encouragement of caring adults, and the knowledge and understanding of their purpose and potential.  They have not learned the basic skills life planning techniques that will provide a solid foundation for them to build a successful and stable life. They have not learned money/income management skills and to how to be responsible when it comes to spending and obtaining credit. This in turn impacts not only these individual lives and families, but also our communities and businesses, and future.  It causes these families to be "at risk!" There is an urgent need!

60 Minutes aired a report showing our young college students (18-22 years of age) who have been targeted by credit card companies on their college campus' for credit.  Unknowingly, these students are being seduced into debt.  They lack the training in money and credit management skills, and therefore end up in debt beyond their control. Many do not see a way out and not knowing what to do, have resorted to bankruptcy and even suicide.

We read article after article of how our youth and high school graduates are unprepared (click to read).

Due to the lack of education, information, direction, and preparation in basic skills, life planning and financial management, it is no wonder why our youth and young adults continue to encounter failure in their life experiences.

Gangs violence is on the rise due to the strategically development of these organizations/families.  They are training their children from toddlers, they are well organized and financially connected even within communities, which is the reason they are permitted to continue.

We are sure that you will agree that it is vital to our children and the future of our communities and families, to make sure that our children are ready, prepared, and able to meet the challenges of life; saying no to anything and anyone that is not positive; representing truth and understanding and which does not support their god-given dreams.

We and our children are in a spiritual war and the battlefield is the mind.  There are forces that are opposing us from having and enjoying life. God loves all people, yet He has specifically given mankin instructions for life, success, and prosperity.  If we violate those instructions or lack the knowledge of them, we bring destruction on ourselves, which He will not stop; for He has given each one free-will.  Parents have the free will to teach and train their children, and children free-will to obey or disobey.  Since mankind is insistent upon exercising "free-will" they are also subject to the results of that free-will.  By learning and teaching our children and youth what "causes" success and "prevents" destruction, we can prepare them for success and prosperity. God favors the prepared mind!

This generation is different and it appears to be on a downslide into immorality...but not just the youth...look at the seven mountains of culture and those who are currently in authority: media, education, government, business/economics, family, religion, arts & entertainment...what are our families being fed nightly on TV, the Internet, and ipods?  It is not aligned with success and prosperity.  It is aligned with fear, debt, and immorality.

We believe it is due to the fact that many of this generation lack the knowledge and understandingof the Truth of the matter, as well as, parental temperament or time needed to properly teach, train, prepare and develop their children for successful living.  It's just not about developing skills; it's about the Truth they need to know how to live life in such a way that leads to success and prosperity, rather than allowed to "have it their way." An attitude of unfulfilled expectancy based on selfishness breeds rebellion, disconnect, immorality,  juvenile delinquency, death and destruction.  

Too many have depended upon a government run educational system to fulfill their role and responsibility in teaching and training their children to become responsible citizens.  This kind of training starts at home with loving and caring parents who are responsible to teach and train their children.  Our government is not equipped nor is appointed to teach and train morality to our children and youth.  And if these youth don't receive it from home, they are left to their own devices; or yet the devices of others that seek to take advantage of them and abuse them.  

Many parents have been distracted (seduced) by the circumstances or have "busied" themselves  and falsely believe that they "don't have time" for their children, and that they must work in order to survive; forfeiting their children for the pursuit of gain. The reality is the fleshly desires of man have ensnared many to consume, and this strong desire (or lust of things) has enslaved many to pursue "the dollar," "mammon." 

Now because of too much debt, or the abuse of alcohol and drugs, far too many are pursuing things in exchange for their children's lives and future; or the stress and strain of life [the cares and worries of life] have "stressed them out" emotionally and physically where they are thinking only of "themselves" and "their" peace of mind and rest, and not for the care, welfare and well-being of their children.   Many parents themselves are not equipped to successfully deal with daily challenges, and therefore are not equipped to teach their children.  And the hard reality is these children and youth are hurting, lonely, needy, needing love, care, attention, and support in their daily lives and are found wanting...the result: there has been an increase in juvenile crime and it is linked to a lack of parental care and concern to provide the time, care, support, teaching, guidance and training that is needed.  A lack of personal responsibility in teaching and training has produced  a generation of youth who lack purpose and direction, resulting in wrong associations, a lack of life vision, lack of concern, lack of knowledge and understanding in planning and preparing for successful living, and therefore unable to identify the thieves of their dreams. The pressures of the day leave many parents at a loss as to what to do and where to go.

We have Good News for them!  We have a hope and a future to offer them.


To PREPARE YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS through BIBLICAL & PRACTICAL Principles to be READY, POSITIVE, and to ONLY STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE; they are our next GENERATION AND FUTURE LEADERS and they need to be prepared for successful living.


Program participants will:
1.    Develop Positive Attitudes
2.    Develop Positive Social skills & Etiquette
3.    Develop Effective Communication Skills
4.    How to Relate to Your Instructors
5.    Learn How to Think and Make Correct Decisions
6.    Come to Understand Their Purpose and Potential
7.    Develop Organizational Skills
8.    Develop Goal Setting/Time Management Skills
9.    Developing a Healthy Lifestyle: Personal Hygiene & Nutrition
10.   Learn How to Improvise in Pressed Situations
11.   Learn Money/Credit Management Skills
12.   Identify Career Choices and Follow Through
13.   Learn Employment Seeking & Job Interviewing Skills
14.   Learn how to Prepare for Responsible Independent Living
15.   Learn how to Read a Thomas Guide, use Postal Mail forms, 
        Complete Applications, etc.
16.   Develop Positive Work Ethics
17.   Learn How To Be Motivated To Reach Their Goals
18.   Be a Positive Influence in Their Community  Good Citizens and 
        Leaders, and more...

What will this program do for our communities?  
1.   Increase personal value and potential within every child, youth
      and young adult.
2.   Strengthen families, our communities, and the socioeconomic 
      conditions of our communities.
3.   Provide emancipated youth of our Foster Care System a place to 
      learn the needed life skills for successful living.
4.   Help the State of Arizona provide Life Skills Enrichment Educaiton 
      for Foster Care children and youth, preparing them for successful 
      adoption and living.
5.   Create a more positive environment within our schools.
6.   Increase student achievement to meet state and national 
      standards, by helping students increase their learning capacity, to 
      prepare how to pass tests and exams because they will learn that 
      it is really more beneficial to do well and will learn to want to reap 
      the benefits of success.
7.   It helps teachers and school districts to reach their goals to 
      develop skills, knowledge and understanding required to promote 
      personal development to the fullest extent of individual's 
      potential which impacts our communities in a positive way.
8.   Reduce juvenile delinquency, gang involvement, and child 
9.   Reduce vandalism/graffiti.
10. Prepare youth and young adults for productive employment.
11. Increase value in our communities.
12. Prepare our youth as our leaders and law makers who will lead us
into the next era.

These programs are designed to empower youth and young adults, providing them positive direction. To empower is to give KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.  Knowing what to do, why, and the benefits involved.  Understanding has to do with insight (to have the ability to recognize the nature and the purpose of things, people, etc.), and to utilize all things according to their purposes, and to treat all people with respect and dignity.

Through these programs, individuals will learn to recognize the obstacles that will try to hinder them from accomplishing their goals and objectives; overcome them, enabling them to protect their dreams, in order to fulfill their purpose and potential.

We are sure that you will agree that it is vital to our children and the future of our communities and families, to make sure that our children are ready, prepared, and able to meet the challenges of life; saying no to anything and anyone that is not positive: representing truth and understanding, and anything that does not support their god-given dreams.

If you are interested in "Guaranteeing Yours and Your Child's Success" enroll your children, youth, and young adults (8-21 years of age) in the program, please attend our required Parent/Student Orientation. Click link to sign up and select date and time.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a partner or volunteer in assisting us provide direction to our next generation of leaders: your children, and their children's children.  Please click here. 

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You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can't count the number of apples in a seed.  Your financial seed has the power of unlimited multiplication potential harvest, not just for these youth, but also in your own life!  We are so very grateful and appreciate your financial contribution for it shows that you care.  We are making a difference with your help!